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45% of consumers with $100,000 or more invest-able assets expect to make changes to their investments in the fall of 2020

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Second-guessing your investment strategy is natural, especially with an election on the horizon. Emotions are running high as many are divided about what may happen to the financial markets in the coming months.

That makes this a great time to remember that investing involves risks, and investment decisions should be based on your own goals, time horizon, and tolerance for risk. If you’re concerned or have questions about how one of these key factors may change, perhaps it’s time to review your portfolio.


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Josh Jalinski

The Financial Quarterback™


Most of us have similar goals for our financial future—build wealth and protect it from eroding factors such as market fluctuations, taxes, inflation, fees and undue risk. What most people don’t have is a unified, systematic approach to pull together all the opinions, alternatives and decisions that affect their financial lives. They need a Financial Quarterback to create a long-term game plan to reach their goals—and to take a coordinated approach to helping them make smart decisions about investing, insurance, tax and estate planning, and risk management.

 Josh Jalinski, The Financial Quarterback™,  has been selected as a Five Star Wealth Manager in 2012, 2013, 2014, and 2015. He was named as an Advisor of the Year finalist (only 5 are selected each year in the country) by Senior Market Advisor August 2010 magazine, a leading financial industry publication.

He has also been selected for the Top of the Million Dollar Round Table, an association of financial professionals. Josh has attained elite status in the Top of the Table for eight years (only the top one-tenth of 1% make this category). Josh teaches people how they may be able to lower risk, minimize taxes, and maximize wealth!

Josh is the host of the popular Financial Quarterback™ Show heard every Saturday from 9am-11am on WOR News Talk Radio (NYC) 710 AM he manages tactical financial investment portfolios. Josh is the host a weekend radio show on WOR and WABC,where he discusses investment strategies and various other crucial economic topics. He has been featured as an expert guest on numerous media sources including CNBC, Fox Business News, CBS News, and Bloomberg.