About the Author

Josh Jalinski is the founder and president of Jalinski Advisory Group Inc. He is also the CEO of Wealth Quarterback LLC, a SEC Registered Investment Advisory firm, RIA.  As a fiduciary, Josh manages financial investment portfolios. Josh is also the host of a popular weekend radio show on 710 AM WOR New York, where he discusses investment strategies and various other economic topics. He has been a featured guest on numerous shows including CNBC, Fox Business News, CBS News, Bloomberg and Newsy.

Josh was named by Forbes as one of the Top Financial Security Professionals [published Oct 19, 2021]   


Why The Financial Quarterback?

Most of us have similar goals for our financial future to build wealth and protect it from eroding factors such as market fluctuations, taxes, inflation, fees and undue risk. What most of us don’t have is a unified, systematic approach to pull this all together. You need a Financial Quarterback to create a long-term game plan to reach your goals and to take a coordinated approach to help build your specific financial game plan

Josh has the knowledge required to be a macro manager for clients. From helping to minimizing taxes to reducing the eroding factors of money, He wants to help you organize your “financial junk drawer” in order for you to meet your long-term financial goals.

Team Player

Josh provides holistic services so that we can guide you through every step of your financial game plan. Josh will connect with your other professionals on your team from your accountant to your estate planner.

Josh is committed to being your financial quarterback throughout all of your financial milestones.